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Imagine: you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and see nothing but a blank canvas. You can add your own eyelashes, a healthy blush and perfectly shaped eyebrows, even freckles if you like. Using a make-up brush you then add the finishing touches in colours to suit your mood. You can reinvent yourself every day. Like children do in a fuzzy felt book, with stick-on moustaches and pre-styled hairdos.

Not having enough (affordable) models, Vincent van Gogh also used to portray himself in various different poses. As an artist in one painting, and a well-dressed middle-class dandy in another, or a serious man-with-pipe. Or as a free-and-easy country lad wearing a straw hat. Funnily enough he did some of the sketches for these portraits on the backs of other paintings. That saved money for new canvases and meant he could keep both sides, as opposed to when he used to paint over an existing work.

This enabled him to maintain a high production rate during his labour-intensive Paris period. Despite their sketchy nature, the portraits were certainly not without merit. After all, the best ideas are conceived on the back of a beer mat… or on the back of a painting.


5 Responses to “P.T.O.”

  1. He just loved to draw that much, he couldnt stop, had to go on and on….!

  2. adam prais says:

    ya ist gut

  3. Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.

  4. Leonesa de LLion says:

    Genialllllll, mas de lo que esperaba. Merece la pena

  5. Barbara Norman says:

    I am not replying to your request for further info but I felt I had to share my feelings with you – when I looked at the signature close-up I noticed he had just put the date 87 instead of how we would put 2011. This made me realise that he really had no idea then that his paintings would be so famous so many years later.

    I then looked at his signature name – just Vincent and looking at those individual stokes to his name I was suddenly reduced to tears. I have never has this strong emotion of feeling before and I felt I had to share this moment with someone.