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A wider horizon

Van Gogh in the flow: Van Gogh took great pleasure in painting, making clear artistic choices but also leaving some things to chance. But did he really mean to make those strange splotches on his painting of a landscape at twilight?


27 Responses to “A wider horizon”

  1. Gabriela Soares Mendes de Santi says:

    Muito bom!!
    Muito legal!!
    Interessante e divertido!!

    • giulia says:

      Ciao a tutti io sono giulia e ho 14 anni. apprezzo molto questo museo e in questo luogo ho imparato molto di piu`di quanto non abbia appreso nel triennio con il mio simpaticissimo profe cosi`detto “Skillo“. Ringrazio quindi tutti per avermelo fatto visitare GRATIS!!!!!!~!!!!! pubblicatemi!!!!!! :)

  2. Jess says:

    Hello everybody, my name is Jess Allen. I am from Portmarnock, Ireland. This is my first visit to the Van
    Gogh Museum and I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. Who wants to stay in touch with me and talk about all his amazing paintings? My emailadres is written above.

    Love you all soooo much.

    J. Allen

    • Magda says:

      I am amazed by his very first works, so dark and at the same time full of simplicity…

  3. phoebe kate lee says:

    I cant wait to see starry starry might as I studied it at school and it is my favourite.

    • Jolein van Kregten says:

      Dear Phoebe,

      It is always wonderful to hear that people appreciate the works of Van Gogh. But if you want to see the Starry Night you will have to go to the MoMA in New York. Other masterpieces of Van Gogh such as The Bedroom or Almond Blossom can be found in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. You are most welcome to visit our museum!

      kind regards,

      Jolein van Kregten
      educator Van Gogh Museum

  4. Nuno Lemos Jorge says:

    Very interesting. Please keep it up.

  5. sam quinn says:

    I,m 8 yearsv old and i want to say about the musuem is it has all of vincent van gogh good painting.My favourite paiting is the sunflowers my mum’s favourite is almond blossom.

  6. William Quinn says:


    I’m 10 years old and I think the mueseum is very interesting. I have enjoyed looking at the paintings and learning about Vincent van Gogh. My favourite painting is the sunflowers because we did our own versions at school and I wanted to see how it looked in real life.

  7. edward tynan says:

    its my first time in the van gogh museum and it has intresting to learn something new. i thought i wouldnt like it much but now i know what my mum was talking about!
    i shall have to come back another time to see more.

  8. Shirley Ding says:

    Great museum. Almond Blossom is my favorite. Can you have this made into a cross-stitch pattern?

  9. Robboia says:


    I’m thirteen years old and I’m italian. This is my first visit at the van gogh museum. I’ve never seen so many van gogh’s pictures. I really liked this museum and I hope to return here later, maybe with my girlfriend.

  10. selina shulamit steiner says:

    It’s one of the best serious discussions about V.G paintings I’ve ever seen
    Thank you

  11. Jeffrey says:

    This museum is really cool, many people dont appreciate art and they dont think, which is what makes artists artists and the reason why art is so fascinating.

  12. mike brouse says:

    I found the video to be very interesting. An attempt at understanding the choices he made, and his painting decisions. Personally I think he tried to make every stroke count. He did nothing by chance…..although he was obviously experimenting a lot, and pushing boundries. If I could go paint with one dead artist……it would be V VG in 1888.

  13. Richard Dewey says:

    I really enjoyed my visit to the VG Museum. It was a interesting, inspiring visit. VG was an amazing artist and i feel honoured to have had the opportunity to view his work. I hope to return one day in the future.

  14. josefina says:

    Hi! I was expecting to find some info about what pigments Van Gogh used. For example, I would like to know which blue is that that appears more repeated in his early work. Is it possible to know which was VG’s basic palette? Thanks!

  15. Sara&Massi says:

    E’ stato molto interessante visitare il Van Gogh’s Museum cosi´ come il resto dell´Olanda!
    Fantastica e bellissima esperienza!

    Sara&Massi da Milano

  16. Gabriella & Giorgia says:

    Come pensavamo, il museo di Van Gogh non ha deluso le nostre aspettative!Bellissimo! Come del resto tutta la cittá..we love Amsterdam! And will come back again!

    Gabry and Gió

  17. Maren-Sofie an Kristianne says:

    Hello, this was a very interesting experience, the colours and techniques were very inspiring and the paintings were breathtaking. We both wish to come back one day in the future to compare the two experiences. It was also very interesting to see how different Van Gogh could paint. Thank you for this memorable experience.

    Kristianne(13 yrs.) and Maren-Sofie(14 yrs.) from Norway

  18. silvio says:

    hello this museum its been very interesting

  19. louis&claire says:

    great museum…
    great experience…

  20. Marco Nirinnelli says:

    Hi! Nice Museum, very interesting paintings! My girlfriend Gina and I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you Vincent!

  21. Jimmy Fowler says:

    Cheers Vince

  22. Ray Cahrle says:

    Cétait un chouette muse, j`ài aime la peinture sur le squelette avec la cigarette

  23. Sofia says:

    Muy lindo el museo, bien organizado y los textos son claros y concretos, que permiten al visitante saber qué es lo que van a apreciar.
    Very nice the museum, it`s well organised and the guiding texts allow visitors to quickly and clarly know what is it that they are goingo to see.

  24. Meggi says:

    Hello everyone, I don’t have a favorite painting because I adore all of them. This wasn’t like some other museums that I have been to. When I walk for a long time in a boring museum, my feet hurt in about 20 minutes, but this museum was so interesting, especially with the paintings in the first floor. It’s nice to know that Vincent Van Gogh had a few role models too.

    -Meggi, from America (Ohio)