Why is the Van Gogh Museum involved in this project?

In the ten years of Vincent van Gogh’s career as an artist (1880-1890), he was extremely prolific, producing more than 860 paintings and almost 1,200 works on paper. Much of his oeuvre can be found in the Van Gogh Museum. Learn more»

Why is Shell involved?

Why is Shell involved in this project? It’s a common question. After all, isn’t Shell all about petrol, diesel, jet fuel, filling stations and occasional bad publicity? What does that have to do with Van Gogh?
In fact, the answer is simple. Learn more»

Why is the Cultural Heritage Angency of the Netherlands involved?

The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (CHA) develops and disseminates knowledge that can be used to support and improve the management, conservation and accessibility of heritage collections. The Agency also manages its own large art collection and does everything feasible to exhibit that collection to the public. The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Neterlands is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Through joint research projects with partners from the Dutch and international science and museum sectors, it generates knowledge that can be used to evaluate cultural property and to solve problems in collection management and the conservation of materials and objects. Learn more»